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Rare Last Minute Gifts!


I hope all of you are staying safe & healthy during these uncertain times. 

The holidays are here already ! Below are some rare items to gift to your loved ones this year !

for the makeup guru,

A new set of brushes : 

An LED makeup cleaning box! 

A vintage game console:

deal code: PYB4L3BD

A herringbone chain, 925 silver! 

 deal code : PVXS3U9C 

A perpetual calendar:

 Love this Calendar !  
deal code:RQEU7CMB

A table top fireplace: 

A wireless Bluetooth keyboard 

A silver mermaid necklace: 
deal code : AX6NJO9A

A starlight projector:

deal code: FFLEQH8H

For the Gentleman in your life , a whiskey glass cup holder + Ash tray :

This portable air humidifier: 

deal code: 7P7XJCL8

These sticky glow balls :


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