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Depictions of the Queen of Sheba

The Queen of Sheba is one of the most enigmatic ancient historical figures. Although there is little to no proof of her existence, or even her name. 
She is first and most famously mentioned in The Bible as a powerful queen who goes to test King Solomon's intelligence, on a quest for truth and knowledge. 
Ethiopia's royal bloodline is said to be directly descended from her, and there is a place in Yemen called Seba(Sheba) thought to be the source of the name we know her by.  
Ethiopia and Yemen both claim the great Queen that brought riches and bore a son to King Solomon. There is more evidence that her empire included both nations and that she even had reign over egypt at the time. 
A result of her greatness, mystery, and popularity are many depictions in art and pop culture.  
I believe she was real !
 What about You ? ! 
Take a look below, xo 
(I personally do not support Gina’s version , but the wardrobe is gorgeous!)


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