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Icons: Amii Stewart

     Music Maven & Fashion Goddess Amii Stewart is a Singer specializing in disco and soul, and a dancer. Famous for her hit single " Knock on Wood" in 1979. She recorded her first song in 1977 titled "You Really Touched My Heart" and has recorded 17 studio albums , six compilation albums ,& has 25+ singles spanning her 50 year career ! Thank you for being you Amii ! 

Black Guitar Goddesses

The love of music and musicianship is a common theme throughout my blog (hint, hint). Inspired by a picture of  Norma Jean Wofford “The Duchess“ & my own personal devotions, I decided to compile a list featuring Black women guitarists . Women , in general ,  are usually not known for this skill , and Black women even more scarcely . Despite there being many highly skilled Black women guitarists throughout recent musical history . Although their impact usually goes unacknowledged, it is immense & undeniable! The Music ! the Talent! & the Glamour ! Thank You to all the musicians on this list for being you! your dedication , & contributions!!! To those below who are no longer with us , Rest in Paradise Queens.  Click their names for more info!  Take a look below, xo Sister Rosetta Tharpe   The Godmother of Rock & Roll herself !   listen to her :  Youtube Beverly Watkins  Queen of Cool listen to her : youtube