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Ann Blyth + Frankenstein  Mamie Van Doren   Ann Blyth Esther Williams + Friends Long Beach , CA Glynis Johnson 

Black Mermaids & Sade’s No Ordinary Love

I was inspired to find vintage images of black women as mermaids. Little did I know it would be almost impossible to find any real life depictions of us as mermaids at all! Which surprised me because I was always told that they originated from African folklore . Saddened by finding next to nothing in my pursuit of any images circa pre 1980s , I decided to use my personal knowledge & keep hope alive that there are some vintage images out there somewhere. The only one I could think of and pretty much find was Sade in her video for “ No Ordinary Love “ . Sade is a staple in my household & I have  always loved this music video. I wonder if she knew how important and timeless this video would be when she made it .  Thank you Sade!      The images above came from this article here . 

DIY : Queen of the Damned Rose Bath

Aaliyah as Queen Akasha in Queen of the Damned (2002) left an undeniable style impact on us all . One of the many iconic looks is her golden moment in the rose bath . Get inspired or recreate this look for yourself below , xo