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The Women of James Bond 1962-83

There are many amazing actresses that have made the James Bond Franchise what is today . The women highlighted below always stood out to me for their outfits/looks. James Bond is a very stylized production and I appreciate the overall aesthetic &  design , the costume design in particular. Take a look below.  

Ursula Andres 
(Dr. No (1962) & Casino Royale (1967)
The first & arguably most iconic bond girl . 


Trina Parks 
(Diamonds are Forever) 

The first Black bond girl! 

Shirley Eaton 
What a golden girl !

Shirley Bassey 
( Theme Songstress
Goldfinger/Diamonds are Forever /

Shirley sang the themes to james bond . Her vocal ability and style
 is unmatched . She added a much needed layer of aesthetic ,
  opulence & memorability to the franchise .  Her work in Diamonds are
 forever is iconic. 

Sylvana Henriques 
(You only live twice / On Her Majestys Secret Service ) 

Jill St. John 
(Diamonds are forever)

Gloria Hendry 
(Live & Let Die )


Jane Seymour
( Live & Let Die )

Maud Adams
I love the set & costume design in this one . Gorgeous 

honorable mentions :

Claudia Auger 

Luciana palluzzi  

Lana Wood 

Kim Bassinger & Barbera Carrera ( never say never again) 

Caroline Munroe (the spy who loved me) 

Claudia Audger (thunderball)

Martine Beswick & Eliza Bur ( from russia with love)


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