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DIY Borax Crystals

Super Easy + Super Gorgeous , Try it out!  Supplies : 3 cups water / 9 tbls borax / pot / pipe cleaners / pen or pencil \ glass bowl / cloth towel                                                Step 1 : Put 3 cups of water to boil  Step 2 :  add 9 tbls of borax to water + stir until it dissolves  Step 3 : While water is boiling shape pipe cleaner into desired shape Step 4 : tie thread to pipe cleaner & pen . Place pen/pipe cleaner over bowl so that the pipe cleaner is suspended without touching bottom or sides   Step 5 : Pour boiling borax water into bowl with pipe cleaner   Step 6: Immediately cover bowl with cloth towel   Step 7: Let sit 3-5 hours or overnight . The longer you wait the more crystals form.   

DIY Photo-to-Canvas Transfer

  I have created a video detailing how to transfer a photo to canvas using a few items you most likely have at home . Supplies :  -canvas  -mod podge  -printer -paint brushes  - dough roller -spray bottle  This project is really easy & comes out looking amazing . Turn any picture you have into its own painting.  Step 1 : Print the image you wish to transfer  Step 2: Cover both the canvas & the picture in mod podge Step 3: Place picture on the canvas picture side down & use dough roller to smooth it out until it is completely flat against the canvas Step 4 : Let dry overnight  Step 5 : Fill spray bottle with water & spray paper Step 6 : gently work the paper off the canvas using your finger Step 7: Add finishing agent (optional) to seal and to add shine 

DIY Inflatable Furniture

Inspired by my blog posts :  DIY : VINTAGE 1960’S WINTER CHIC Josie & the Pussycats ( 2001) &  Nowhere (1997) My latest obsession is inflatable furniture , popularized in the 1960’s & again in the 1990’s , add a piece to go with your space below , xo 

Josie & the Pussycats ( 2001)

Josie & the Pussycats (2001) is nothing short of a style experience. It takes you right back to the good old days of the turn of the century ... not to mention , the awesome storyline! Follow our girls from Riverdale to super stardom and everything in between . All the while, navigating the corrupt music industry with a charm only the pussycats possess . One of the best films! Take a trip down memory lane & get inspired below , xo