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DIY : Selling Clothes Online


      I have been selling clothes online through various mediums casually for the last nine years or so. Throughout that time the mediums have changed significantly & for the better. Sites like Ebay , & etsy have been around since then but there are many new ways to sell clothing , accessories & cosmetics online. The introduction of app based commerce platforms has made this process almost a million times easier. 
     I personally use and recommend depop, poshmark ,& mercari . I use multiple channels because you reach a wider audience that way & what might not sell on one app will on another. Selling your old clothes or unused fashion items is an excellentvway to generate side income & it doesnt take very long to get started. Below i will demonstrate the process i use , it’s super easy & there are only a couple of time consuming steps.

Step 1 : Gather the items you want to sell . On these apps you can sell your garments but you can aldo sell your shoes , makeup , jewelry , perfume , & things of this nature. I recommend making sure tgeyvare free of stains, rips, tears & have minimal wear/signs of 
use,  otherwise you will have to lower the price accordingly.

Step 2 : Take pictures of the items you want to post for sale. Different apps have different photo requirements however, if your image fully showcases the item and is clean, free of clutter,  and is good quality your item will sell faster. I use a white background and the adjust the brightness to blur any blemishes that may distract from the item I am showcasing . See example below

Step 3 : Choose & download the apps that you want to sell on. 
I recommend using more than one platform to sell your items . All platforms take a percentage of your sell some more than others . Sites like etsy and ebay charge you to post your item as well. 

Apps: I favor using app based platforms versus the ones that started as websites .

Depop: Depop is a great app to post casual clothing , streetwear , fast fashions , and rare niche items to reach a wide international audience . I have personally been using depop since their debut & 

its an amazing app to use. 

Poshmark : Poshmark is a leader in c2c business. Their shipping has gone up the last couple of year but it has a giant audience . I have the most followers on poshmark & hsve made the most money on this app than any other . 

Mercari: Mercari is a great platform to sell & its not limited to only clothing. Its easy tobpost & you can select shipping costs for your buyers by weight of the item. 

Ebay: a trusted , tried & true selling platform 

Etsy: etsy is the premier platform for selling handmade & vintage items . 

Tradesy: Tradesy is lesser known & is strictly for high end, luxury fashions . Top tier brands need only apply. I used to use Tradesy when it first came on the scene & the best thing about them is the shipping kit they send you to pack your item . It’s super convenient & no other platform offers this bonus. 

Selling your unused items is a great way to add to your income & organize at the same time . 10/10 for this form of side hustle.


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