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Debra Paget Wardrobe

   The costumes  Debra Paget has dawned in the films she has starred in are phenomenal. The actress ,dancer ,& glamour goddess solidified these looks iconic. These specific stills  are from the movies , ‘the princess of the nile , cleopatra’s daughter , the snake tomb , & the tiger of eschnapur . Ive added some looks inspired by her’s below ⬇️

Horror Queen #3 : Maila Nurmi aka Vampira

               A horror queen pioneer,   Maila Nurmi is most famously known for her role as her originally created character,   Vampira . She starred in her own television series from 1954-5 titled The Vampira Show . She also starred in cult classic Planet 9 from outer space. Maila is created for being the first to create a successful horror persona & is one of my main inspirations . Her style speaks for itself , take a look below !  Get items inspired by her signature look below,