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GET THE LOOK : aaliyah chain pants

Get Aaliyah’s Leather Look from 2000 below!   


Debra Shaw is an iconic model & arguably one of thierry mugler’s leading ladies. They are so lucky to have her !!!Take a look below. 

VINTAGE : Black Burlesque

Black performers in burlesque were, & are still often very overshadowed. I took some time to compile a list of some vintage Black Burlesque Queens you may or may not know .     [ if there are any past or recent black burlesque performers you know , please comment below!] 1.  Josephine Baker   2. Lottie the Body    3. Miss Topsy  4. Ethelyn Butler  5. Venus La Doll    6. Lady Ernestine    7. Jean Idelle 8. Kay Montez   9.Shelley Devonshire   10. Elizabeth Dickerson