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DIY: Make Money Blogging

Blogging is a great hobby to have and can be turned into a very lucrative side hustle. Many successful bloggers can use their blog as their main source of income. I have compiled a list of companies that you can sign up for that will connect you with business that will pay you to blog, essentially. 

1.Social Spark 

Social Spark is first because they are my favorite one to use. Their sign up process & website layout is easy to navigate and aesthetically pleasing. They connect companies to social media influencers for paid campaign opportunities. You can manage all of offers through your Social Spark account. I recommend this program 10/10.  Click the name link above to sign up today.

" BlogDash has been helping brands and bloggers connect since 2011.

Focusing on open communication and building real relationships, we created an easy-to-use Blogger Outreach Software platform to streamline communication between PR agencies/brands and bloggers.

We, like you, have performed blogger outreach for a long time. We know a lot of time is involved in finding appropriate bloggers, gathering information, engaging with them and finally pitching them. Our mission has been to simplify this process and turn blogger outreach into a viable PR mechanism for any brand." 

  Basically brands pitch to you , if you are a good fit to advertise their product or service. You can then connect with them through blogdash and decide if the campaign is a good fit for you or not. 

  I have recently signed up for this program. The sign up process is simple & the website as a whole is easy to navigate. 

3. Blog Meets Brand 

" An advertiser will create a campaign on Blog Meets Brand, and then our proprietary algorithm matches the most relevant influencers in our network to the campaign based on the details provided by the advertiser (campaign type, category, audience demo's, etc.). The influencers that are top matches in our system are then sent an email from Blog Meets Brand with the opportunity to work on that campaign, and those influencers are asked to either accept or decline the offer."

Blog meets brand is another option to get connected to paid campaigns, their system and process is simple to use. I especially like that they give you a code to add a button to your blog to let brands know that you are available.  

*4. Loop88

This one is specific for pinterest users. Loop88 connects you with companies that want you to post directly to your pinterest , you dont even need a blog. Check them out by clicking the title link above.  


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