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DIY : Sparkle Walls

Get this look , featured below : glitter wall paper and curtain string fairy lights 

DIY: Get The Look : Sophia Loren Sheer Stripe Dress

      Simply click picture above for purchase options or click   here

ICONS : Jayne Mansfield: Classically Trained Musician

         Jayne Mansfield was a woman of many talents , two of which are being a classically trained violinist & pianist. Check out the

DIY : GET THE LOOK : Rhinestone & Pearl Hair Clips


DIY: Sun Parasol

 𝔰𝔲𝔫 𝔭𝔞𝔯𝔞𝔰𝔬𝔩                            Simply glue or sew ostrich feather trim to the end of parasol . I will atach supplies for that below . Also to get the right color i recommend purchasing white feathers so that you xan dye them the desired color. ⬇️      

DIY : Closet Clean Up

  Clothes & where to keep them can become overwhelming to say the least. An itemized list of ideas to downsize & organize your closet. 1. Space Saver Hangars      These are great , I have them in my closet & it makes putting clothes away a breeze & i can fit so much more . The ones below are from amazon , i chose these because they are the best/most/quality @ the best price.     2.  Vacuum Storage Bags If u have seasonal garments or bulky items with minimal space like I do then vacuum seal storage is the way to go . Store up winter wear during summer or vice versa & store bulky items  effortlessly . 3. Hanging Shoe Rack You can never have enough shoes ! Heels , boots , sneakers & everything in between .. here are some places to put them all  * i personally have my heels on shelves bordering my room this also is great for saving space  4. More Storage Below are some extras to add or get you started ⬇️

DIY: Homemade Cleaning Product Supply Master List

            Pinterest is filled with diy’s to make your own cleaning products at home . One of my personal favorites is a glass cleaner that you can make out of white vinegar and rubbing alcohol, or diy febreze with fabric softener , baking soda , & water .         With so many great diy’s to try , it can get a little overwhelming . So i have scanned a multitude to come up with a comprehensive list. Get all the ingredients you need to tackle your fave diy’s & refill your cleaning supplies at home below ⤵️ 1. White Vinegar  **pro-tip : add a dash of vinegar to laundry loads to remove strong odors  2. Baking Soda       **Like Vinegar has uses across the board. I use it for laundry treatments ckeaning , teeth , carpet stains & many more .  3. Rubbing Alcohol ** two parts rubbing alcohol to one part vinegar makes the best streak free glass cleaner ,  4. Peroxide  5. Aspirin