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Best All Natural Ways to Maintain your Natural Glow + Tan year around FOR ALL SKIN TONES


  The items + products listed  are tried , true & will keep you sunkissed all year,  no matter your complexion.

1. Beta Carotene :Beta carotene is a supplenment that your can take daily. Our bodies convert it into vitamin A  , a vitamin essential for healthy skin, immune system , and vision . Beta carotene is rich i. Cartenoids whoch give plants their natural vibrant pigments . Its also an antioxidant so worth the try !


2. Australian Emu oil : can penetrate deep into the skin to help you grow a healthy glow. It has a wide variety of uses + benefits such 
as. . . 


  • Contains healthy fatty acids that may have cholesterol-lowering effects on the body 
  • Fights infections + boosts immune system + reduces inflammation & pain 
  • Promotes healthy hair 
  • Can relieve pain from breastfeeding
  • Can benefit the gastrointestinal system

    3. Gradual Sunless Tanning Lotion
    Bahama Tans’ Control your glow gradual self tanner is 100% organic made of all natural ingredients and is safe to put on your face as well . I have personally used this lotion and you have to be careful around your hands and feet, * I reccommend wearing gloves or a tanning mit when applying this lotion, but my skin looks amazing in the morning and I feel like my natural glow is back even through the sunless months.  


Honorable Mention: Hempz Yuzu + Starfruit Gradual Self Tanning Moisturizer . 

I have not personally used this lotion but Hempz is an excellent company & their lotions are light, creamy , & gentle . 


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